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The 256 Life
Chief Sekou Alaje

Welcome to The 256 Life

A community rooted in African Spirituality and Culture!

It Takes A Village To Be Spiritually Grounded

The 256 Life is a safe space for people to learn, pray, and support each other while on their spiritual journey of life.

Spirituality is the key to Success

The health of our mind, body, and soul is essential to our success. Maintaining our mind and body is well defined in modern society, however spiritual health isn’t as well defined. Here at The 256 Life we provide access to resources that will support your continued Spiritual Health.


256 Healing Arts

The 256 Life is powered by 256 Healing Arts.  A organization formed in 2008 by a group of healers in the United States that were interested in healing and empowering their communities around the world. They united their resources and formed an organization called 256 Healing Arts, which is a network of healers from many different back grounds, modalities, and disciplines. Led by Chief Sékou Alájé, our Senior Healer and CEO.

Chief Sékou Alájé is a spiritual healer, musician, cultural pioneer and coronated Chief.  His life has been dedicated to the healing and fortification of people all over the world. As well as the preservation of African  Cultural throughout the African Diaspora.  

An initiated African Drummer and Singer as well as an initiated African Priest, Chief Alaje has traveled to every continent in the world spreading African culture and teaching about the great legacy of Africa.



256 Cultural Arts

Cultural arts and healing go hand in hand. Many ancient cultures around the world never separated healing from the arts. The 256 Life community keeps this tradition alive, preserving the Cultural Arts and merging it of our healing community. Joy is healing and our culture is one the things that brings joy to our life.